Our Products

Ronheam wholesales a  wide range of vaccines and animal health products imported from GMP and PANVAC Certified Manufactures

Vaccines for Ruminants

ECF Vaccine CBPP Vaccine FMD Vaccine LSD Vaccine CCPP Vaccine PPR Vaccine

Vaccines for Companion Animals

Rabies Vaccine FELOCELL Vaccine DHLP Vaccine

Poultry Vaccines

Newcastle Disease Vaccine Newcastle Disease Vaccine, (Thermostable) Newcastle Disease & Avian Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine Fowl Pox Vaccine Marek's Vaccine


Antibiotics, Acaricides, Antiprotozoals, Dewormers, Feed Supplements and Premixes, Multivitamins, Poultry care products, Anaesthetic drugs, Trypanocidals

We also offer the following services to our livestock keepers 

– Field/Consultation visitation services

– Animal vaccination services

– We  provide theoretical and practical training to potential  veterinary professionals on how to vaccinate cattle against East Coast Fever

We have trained a total of 200+ vaccinators in the Northern and Southern Highlands of Tanzania